DIODE Laser Hair Removal

 Laser Hair Removal is the process of removing unwanted hair by means of exposure to pulses of laser light that destroy the hair follicle. A laser can only affect the current active growing hair follicles, so several sessions are required to permanently eliminate hair in all phases of it's growth. 

The number of sessions depends on various factors, including the area of the body being treated, skin colour, coarseness of the hair, and the reason for hirsutism. Laser hair removal, with the right amount of treatments, is safe, cost effective, and a long term hair removal procedure which achieves lasting results.

Treatment Areas:


  • Face   

  • Upper Lip

  • Chin

  • Sidebone

  • Bikini/Brazilian

  • Underarms

  • Arms

  • Legs

  • Snail Trail

  • Neck

  • Back

  • Shoulders

  • Chest

  • Stomach

  • Feet & toes

  • Hands & fingers




  • Full Face: $499/4 sessions or $130 per session

  • Upper Lip: $199/4 sessions or $60 per session

  • Chin: $199/4 sessions or $60 per session

  • Sidebone: $199/4 sessions or $60 per session

  • Forehead: $299/4 sessions or $80 per session

  • Bikini: $299/4 sessions or $130 per session

  • Brazilian: $299/4 sessions or $130 per session

  • Underarm: $199/4 sessions or $80 per session

  • Full arm: $499/4 sessions or $190 per session

  • Low Arm: $399/4 sessions or $130 per session

  • Full Leg (incl knee): $899/4 sessions or $320 per session

  • Upper Leg: $599/4 sessions or $210 per session

  • Lower Leg: $599/4 sessions or $160 per session

  • Knee: $299/4 sessions or $100 per session

  • Snail Trail: $199/4 sessions or $60 per session

  • Front Neck: $199/4 sessions or $60 per session

  • Back Neck: $199/4 sessions or $60 per session

  • Back (from waist to underarm): $499/4 sessions or $190 per session

  • Back Shoulders: $199/4 sessions or $90 per session

  • Front Shoulder: $199/4 sessions or $90 per session

  • Feet and Toes: $299/4 sessions or $100 per session

  • Hands and Fingers: $299/4 sessions or $100 per session


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is DIODE Laser Hair removal?

At Advanced Beauty Clinic, we use a DIODE Laser, which uses a single wavelength of light, delivering a high abruption rate in melanin. As the melanin heats up, it destroys the root of the hair follicle, along with the blood flow, which permanently stops the hair growth.

How many treatments will I need?

For best results, approximately 8 - 10 sessions are recommended, 4 - 5 weeks apart. Other factors can influence the number of treatments required such as skin colour, hair coarseness, & area of treatment. Whilst laser hair removal is an effective and long lasting form of hair removal, it is impossible to guarantee 100% of hair removal, nor the requirement for additional treatments to improve your results. Individual results will vary.

Does it hurt?

Whilst it does not hurt, some people can find the procedure uncomfortable. The DIODE Laser has a cooling tip to help make the procedure more pleasant, however the level of discomfort varies by individual and what area is being treated. Our registered skin technicians will ensure your level of comfort is looked after during your procedure.

What do I need to do before and after my treatment?

  • Shave the area to be lasered 24 hours prior to your appointment. Do not wax, thread, pluck or have electrolysis procedures. If you have removed hairs from the root, you need to wait a minimum of 4 weeks before your laser treatment, laser hair removal will not work if hair has been removed at the root

  • You can shave in between treatments

  • Do not use tanning products or tan in the sun prior to your treatment

  • Do not book a laser hair removal treatment if you are pregnant, are on medications such as roaccutane, or if you have recently had a peel treatment or laser resurfacing

  • Protect skin with an SPF 30 sunscreen or above. There is a small risk of hyperpigmentation from the light activating the melanin. Using sunblock when outside will minimise this risk.



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