Price List

Skin Services:

Diamond Microdermabrasion: Vacuuming and removing dead skin cells, allowing nutrition penetration, improving skin texture and pigmentation

$65 per session

$325 for six sessions

Layered Peeling Microdermabrasion: Suitable for excessively thickened and resilient, thickened hyper-pigmented, oily and congested skin, for all skin types

$129 per session

$645 for six sessions

Hydrodermabrasion: Provides water based facial care including cleansing and solution penetration

$95 per session

$475 for six sessions

Rejuvenating LED Treatment: Non invasive skin rejuvenation light therapy that reduces the appearance of visible signs of aging. It is neither a laser nor IPL treatment, and it is normally combined with a professional skin treatment to help minimise fine lines and wrinkles by assisting to naturally heal the skin without causing any cell damage. It is suitable for all skin types in need of rejuvenation

$85 per session

$425 for 6 sessions

Acne Medical Facial:

$196 per session

$490 for 3 sessions

Fibroblast Plasma: For skin ablation and resurfacing and ultimate skin regeneration. This is the ultimate in 'soft surgery' treatments for skin lifting, resurfacing and regeneration

Price upon consultation

Minor skin irregularities: Treated by a modern evolution from traditional electrocautery, enabling a non invasive treatment of superficial minor skin irregularities, with limited client discomfort

Price upon consultation

DIODE Laser Hair Removal:

Full Face: $499/4 sessions or $130 per session

Upper Lip: $199/4 sessions or $60 per session

Chin: $199/4 sessions or $60 per session

Sidebone: $199/4 sessions or $60 per session

Forehead: $299/4 sessions or $80 per session

Bikini: $299/4 sessions or $130 per session

Brazilian: $299/4 sessions or $130 per session

Underarm: $199/4 sessions or $80 per session

Full arm: $499/4 sessions or $190 per session

Low Arm: $399/4 sessions or $130 per session

Full Leg (incl knee): $899/4 sessions or $320 per session

Upper Leg: $599/4 sessions or $210 per session

Lower Leg: $599/4 sessions or $160 per session

Knee: $299/4 sessions or $100 per session

Snail Trail: $199/4 sessions or $60 per session

Front Neck: $199/4 sessions or $60 per session

Back Neck: $199/4 sessions or $60 per session

Back (from waist to underarm): $499/4 sessions or $190 per session

Back Shoulders: $199/4 sessions or $90 per session

Front Shoulder: $199/4 sessions or $90 per session

Feet and Toes: $299/4 sessions or $100 per session

Hands and Fingers: $299/4 sessions or $100 per session

Specialised Treatments:

Appearance Medicine: Please see our appearance medicine information page

Dysport: $5.50 per unit

Botox/Xeomin: $16 per unit

Fillers/Restylane/Juvederm Lip: $550 per 1 ml

IPL Photo Rejuvenation: IPL Light Therapy is lightening of 'sun spots' and 'age spots' and brown blotches on the face, neck, chest, hands and other areas of the body, reducing redness, rosacea, diluted blood vessels and 'broken' blood vessels on the face neck and chest.

Full Face: $280 per session

RF Skin Tightening: Non surgical radio frequency treatments rejuvenate tissue by heating the tissue under the skins surface, triggering the natural production of collagen and elastin.

$170 per session

Collagen Induction Therapy: Automated micro needling treatment that vertically pierces the skin to naturally stimulate collagen and elastin with minimal epidermal damage. This is a safe process used to improve texture, tone, surface scarring and fine wrinkles.

$550 per session

General Beauty Treatments

Eye Treatments

Eyebrow Shape $25

Eyebrow Tint $30

Eyelash Tint $30

Eyebrow shape and eyelash or brow tint $45

Eyelash Extensions $65

Volume Eyelash Extensions $80

Eyelash Extensions Infill $55

Eye Treatment: Professional eye zone treatment to treat various skin problems such as dehydration, dark circles, bags and crows feet. It combines cosmeceuticals with a roller specifically designed for the eye area to help the absorption of ingredients and active collagen production.

$129 per session

Retinol Peel: An excellent clinical strength Retinol treatment to resurface healthier skin. Suitable for all skin types and colours, if you have pigmentation, aging, sun damage, lines, acne and evens skin tone

$195 per session

DermaFracTM: A dermal micro channelling system that offers simultaneous delivery of infused ingredients in a pain free no down time treatment. It is designed expressly to drive topical solutions to penetrate deeper into the tissue

$250 per session

Lifting Facial: Non invasive facial designed to lift skin giving a younger brighter complexion

$170 per session